Business Normalization

Business Normalization . . .

is our movement toward converging your company's assets (information) into a common format which allows for maximum flexibility and accessibility.


Back in the previous century we grew our companies' by acquiring more computers, more storage, more networking, another application and more power... and found out that managing all this gear was becoming impossible. The underutilized assets are now showing their age and close to obsolete. Today's software allows for better utilization as well as normalization of your applications. Delivery of your information is also spreading out to where you not only have to digitally communicate with your suppliers but your customers are also demanding access to "their" information. Just look at any major bank website and you will see a login page.

What do we have to offer that separates us from the crowd? Experience! We have helped specific vertical markets like manufacturing, hospitality, finance, specific technologies like servers or networking, or sales & service management SaaS, that drives our vision that encompasses your business process with business success that ALSO includes technology.

Proprietary hardware systems are a dead end. Hardware tied to closed software systems leads to vendor lock-in no matter how much they discount their platform.


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