The data network has transformed into a utility
required for business agility

Like any other utility such as electricity, water, natural gas, Intelligence as a Service is the new normal driving enterprise-wide change.

The "network" is a business deliverable extending beyond your wired and wireless infrastructure and into the internet where your employees, customers and prospects engage and transact. The responsibility to make your data reliable, agile and serviceable is paramount to business success.

We offer::

  • an application platform for you to build a learning network of teammates working with their customers and suppliers,

  • flexible license approach, and

  • simple AI-driven management platform that informs you how and why sales are or not happening.

This is today's corporate initiative. We are here to help with a content management strategy that delivers training, presentation and every aspect of your business from one location.

Imagine ...

never hearing anyone ask "where's the latest presentation."

• • •

100% of the information about your company, your offerings and vision at your fingertips

Integrate ...

front-end applications and back-office sales operations management

• • •

conversational topics aligned with business outcomes your audience understands

Intelligence ...

delivered by aligning messaging to sales because it is 21TWELVE driven

• • •

gained from content change impacts and instant feedback from presenter and your target audience